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Five Years From the Paris Climate Agreement: Where does Latin America Stand?

In light of the Paris Climate Agreement, regional cooperation in Latin America has created a collective movement to build thriving economies while protecting natural ecosystems. What work is underway and what has not yet started?

Children attend a birthday celebration at their village in a clearing in the rainforest. The Floresta Nacional do Tapajos (FLONA), a 6500 km2 protected reserve, was home to several small communities which lived on the banks of the Rio Tapajos river.; Getty
51 years of Earth Day

When the Earth Moves

On the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, bipartisan climate action has never been more important.

When The Earth Moves Film
by Outrider Staff

The United States has left the Navajo Nation with a toxic legacy of uranium contamination, and programs to compensate uranium miners for past harms are sunsetting. As the expiration date of the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act approaches, we interviewed filmmaker Jeff Spitz about filmmaking for impact and change.

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