Outrider supports multimedia storytelling about nuclear threats and climate change
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Our current focus is launching fellowship programs at major media outlets and partnering with co-funders to expand public dialogue and education about nuclear threats and climate change. Each of our fellows is autonomous and the newsrooms are independent.
TIME and Outrider Foundation announce collaboration on fellowship program supporting critical nuclear security reporting
Outrider announces nuclear security reporting initiative in collaboration with the Associated Press and the Carnegie Corporation of New York
Outrider announces fellowship in partnership with public radio’s Science Friday
Outrider announces audio storytelling fellowship in partnership with Black Diplomats podcast
Outrider launches storytelling fellowship in partnership with Bloomberg Green


Rasha Aridi

Science Friday

W.J. Hennigan


Terrell J. Starr

Black Diplomats



Nuclear Bomb Blast Simulator 

In partnership with Alex Wellerstein

How Will Climate Change Affect You? Impacts Map 

In partnership with The Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research

The New Nuclear Landscape 

In Partnership with the Associated Press

Oregon Road '83 

In partnership with The Stevens Institute of Technology
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