Who is Outrider?

Outrider believes that the global challenges we face together must be solved by working together.

Among the greatest threats to the future of humankind are nuclear weapons and global climate change. Outrider makes the bold claim that both threats can be overcome — and not just by policy makers but by people with the right tools and inspiration.

United, We Can Solve This.

Earth Day is everybody’s movement and this is a critical moment. Now is the time to come together to face our greatest environmental challenge. 


Outrider believes that political and cultural division disrupts climate progress. That's why we're here to help unite parties and communities in taking responsible action.

Unrecognizable crowds in the Washington DC Mall.
The Day the Earth Moved

On the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, bipartisan climate action has never been more important.

At a time when we face political inaction and a looming climate crisis, the significance of Earth Day's 51st anniversary is more relevant than ever.


Climate change affects every one of us.

This is why we need a national plan with bipartisan support: Climate change does not discriminate between red and blue states. It affects each of us in different ways. Gaylord Nelson realized this when he founded Earth Day in 1970.

Our goal is an environment of decency, quality and mutual respect for all human beings and all other living creatures. Our goal is a decent environment in its broadest and deepest sense.

Earth Day Founder, U.S. Senator, and Wisconsin Governor Gaylord Nelson

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges humans have ever faced.

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