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Kern County Fire Captain Bruce Wells uses a hose line to keep fire from burning up a tree as the wildfire burns closer to homes during the French Fire in the Sequoia National Forest near Wofford Heights, California on August 25, 2021. - The wildfire west of Lake Isabella in Kern County has burned over 20,000 acres while threatening homes in and around Wofford Heights and Kernville; Getty
by Dr. Carly Phillips

Another record-breaking fire season has rocked the American west, driven by climate change and the legacy of settler colonialism. This year 3.5 million acres burned across California, Oregon, and Washington, with an astonishing 963,309 acres coming from a single blaze, the Dixie Fire. The human cost of wildfires is apparent from the thousands of structures lost to the near-unbreathable air during extreme seasons, and the ecological consequences are widespread

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Outdoor Portrait of a beautiful Navajo Native American Indian Girl in the Northern Arizona Desert on the Monument Valley Indian Reservation; Getty
by Isatis M. Cintron-Rodriguez

Native American land in the contiguous US has 17.6 TWh of solar energy potential, an astounding amount considering the total US utility-scale electricity generated in 2018 was only 4.2 TWh.

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