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Among the greatest threats to the future of humankind are nuclear weapons and global climate change. Outrider makes the bold claim that both threats can be overcome — and not just by policy makers but by people with the right tools and inspiration.

Climate Change

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges humans have ever faced. From coastal cities to America's heartland, climate change impacts us all. Read More

Cows by smoldering forest. Getty
by Brent Suter

Ever since I was a boy, I have cared deeply about our environment. My family and I do everything we can to make personal choices that help reduce our impact on the planet

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A statue and an American flag are seen outside a home flooded by water coming from the breached dams upstream as the water continues to reach areas in the eastern part of the state on October 9, 2015 in Andrews, South Carolina. The state of South Carolina experienced record rainfall amounts causing severe flooding and officials expect the damage from the flooding waters to be in the billions of dollars. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
by Tia Nelson
by Ambassador Tom Loftus
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by Jack Parker Lefurgey / David Vitse
by Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins
Gorilla Thinking; Getty Images
by David Vitse / Parwat Regmi
Dawn of Human
by David Vitse / Parwat Regmi

How will climate change impact you?

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